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This subject introduces students to the fundamental concepts involved in creating applications that are Web based. The emphasis of this subject is on the technologies that can be used as well as programming theory in a web environment. Topics are organized around two technologies programmers can use to create their Web pages. The subject discusses forms processing and how it is handled with PHP technology. It exposes students to Web scripting technology that can be used in both Linux or Windows environments. Students gain experience with the basics of how an web applications work in a 'stateless' environment. Basic graphical user interface components like buttons, labels, text fields and checkboxes are introduced. The subject will reinforce database concepts in the design of applications and how some integrity rules can be enforced using client side scripting. The students will gain experience in the restricted user interface design by recognizing the limitations of a WEB connection.

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VSU Open University (VSU-OU)
by Norman Villas - Thursday, 20 March 2014, 9:21 PM

VSU Open University (VSU-OU)

The Open University (OU) at VSU is to provide quality distance-study programs in agriculture and allied fields through distance learning to government employees and other individuals engaged in agriculture and rural development activities.

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